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mass :-

it's amount of matter in an object

properties of mass :-

1- The mass of object increase when the amoumt of matter increase

2- All matter have mass whatever their physical states ( solids-liquids-gases)

3- All matter have mass whatever their shapes (one piece-particles-powder-pure of mixture)

4- All matter have mass whatever their place (in hand-on moon-any planets)

5- The mass of any matter is fixed (stable) value and it doesn't change by changing :-

a. The state of matter b. The place of matter

The measuring unit of mass :-

Mass measured by gram,kilogrammeand ton


It's equal the mass of one paperclip


it's equal the mass of 1 liter of water


it's used to measure very big masses

Measuring devices of masses:-

The mass measuring bye diffrent scales divided into:-

one arm scale two arm scale

one arm scale:-

one arm digital scale one arm scale with pointer

two arm scale:-

Balance scale senestive two arm scale


To know how do you measure the mass of a solid object by using a balance scale


Put a clean balance_Standard masses_the object what you need to measure it


1- Put a clean balance scale horizontally on a satble shelf To avoid any vibration

The mass of any solids object equal total mass of standard masses

Mass = total mass of the standard masses
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